New in Emended: Teams with optional LMS integration

New in Emended: Teams with optional LMS integration
  • February 06, 2017
  • by Emended

Emended is the most efficient way for teachers to give timely, personal feedback on student work. Today we have released teams to facilitate teacher collaboration and allow for easy administration of multiple user licenses.

When giving feedback on student work, Emended reduces your workload and helps you ensure your students receive better feedback. It’s easy to pinpoint mistakes and use ready-to-use comments, including links, definitions and thoughts, with a single click. The newly introduced teams feature makes it easy for teachers to collaborate, ensuring feedback is given more consistently and leading to a considerable increase in efficiency of teams and departments.

To create a team, log in in to Emended and click the Create new team button in Your account. You will instantly receive free access to a team for 30 days and can invite your colleagues to join from within Emended. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s just as simple to sign up for a 30-day team trial.

Administration of teams is easy. Team administrators can invite teachers to join, manage their roles, and remove users from a team, with just a few clicks. Flexible subscription plans for teams of all sizes guarantee you will find an option that fits your specific needs, and teacher licenses that are transferable to other users within your team make sure you will be able to optimize your team’s usage of Emended.

Today’s release includes the option of integrating Emended with your Language Management System (LMS) such as Moodle or Blackboard. The currently supported single-sign-on integration allows authenticated users to access Emended directly from your LMS, without having to log in to Emended separately each time.

Moreover, we will continuously implement new features that increase the benefits of using Emended as a team. We have already started development of team templates, which will allow team administrators to share sets of ready-to-use comments with all team members. Team templates will be implemented already in February 2017.