New in Emended: Sharing templates with your team

New in Emended: Sharing templates with your team
  • February 22, 2017
  • by Emended

Recently we introduced teams to allow for effective teacher collaboration in Emended. Share ready-to-use comments with your team to scale up efficiency and guarantee students receive consistent feedback from all teachers.

Emended makes it easy for you to provide students with meaningful feedback on their written assignments. Simply save your most-used comments as templates, and reuse them as needed. But how can you actually make sure students receive consistent feedback from all teachers in your team?

With the newly released Team templates, you and your colleagues are easily able to provide standardized feedback across classes. This makes it easier for students to understand and process the advice they receive, as any confusion they may have trying to interpret comments that vary widely in tone and styles, not to mention inconsistencies such as the usage of different abbreviations, will be eliminated.

Providing, updating and using Team templates is simple and efficient. Team admins can share template collections with one click, which makes them instantly available in the specific team space. All team members with an Instructor role can then use the shared templates for giving feedback, but they can’t edit or delete these templates. However, whenever a Team admin modifies a description or updates a link included in a template they shared, everyone has automatic and instant access to the latest version.

When commenting on student submissions, you can comfortably use Team templates in addition to your own. Shared templates integrate seamlessly into your commenting menu and are easily recognizable, as they’re marked with shared template icon. Similarly, if you do also have a Team admin role, any templates you shared yourself with your team are marked with shared template (see screenshot below).

2016-02-22 Team templates (shared icons)

Although you’re not able to modify shared templates yourself, you can still use them for giving personalized comments by adding additional information or a personal remark to the template’s description, without actually changing the template. Giving feedback on student submissions can then be as fast as highlighting a word or section of text with your mouse, selecting a template – either a shared template or one of your own, personalizing the description if you’d like and moving on.

In a nutshell, sharing templates in Emended helps increase the efficiency of an entire team and guarantees all feedback given by you and your colleagues is of consistently high quality. Ultimately, your students are the ones who are going to benefit the most from receiving clear and timely feedback from all teachers.

Team templates are available with Emended PREMIUM subscriptions and can be tested during the 30-day free trial period which applies to any new team. To create a team, log in to Emended and click the Create new team button in Your account. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for your free team trial now!