New in Emended: Inactivation of workspaces

New in Emended: Inactivation of workspaces
  • May 29, 2018
  • by Emended

The higher any stack of submissions, the more you worry – we know the feeling. In Emended you can now choose to see only the submissions you need to, and without ever losing a single one!

Where to start … No, not this blog post! But what you might be asking yourself when you log in to Emended and see over time how your submissions have cluttered that once airy dashboard.

You see, each semester has your typical teacher creating multiple workspaces. With dozens of students per workspace and each one making multiple submissions … well, you can see how it all adds up. What you’re left with are mounting submissions and a dashboard you’d rather make a mad dash away from! Not anymore.

Now declutter your dashboard by simply hiding workspaces for courses that have finished by inactivating them. Inactivated workspaces as well as all their submissions won’t show via the dashboard, so you can think of them as hidden or even retired but always conveniently accessible if you need them to be.

So how does inactivating a workspace under your instructor role actually work?

  1. From the menu bar, click your ‘Workspaces’ tab
  2. Click the name of the workspace you want to inactivate
  3. Below the workspace name are four options – click ‘Inactivate’ (see below)

2018-05-24 Workspace inactivation (screenshot 1)

Don’t worry! Nothing’s been deleted. The workspace you just inactivated is safe and sound but now simply hidden from dashboard view. By clicking your ‘Home’ tab, you’ll now see your counts for pending, received, reviewed, and done have all been reduced by the number of submissions belonging to the inactive workspace. Neat, huh?

To view inactive workspaces, just click your ‘Workspaces’ tab and click the option next to Active workspaces ‘Show inactive’. (see below)

2018-05-24 Workspace inactivation (screenshot 2)

It’s important to note that while inactive workspaces can still be sent submissions as well as feedback, no such activity will show via student or teacher dashboards. This means in the case of you receiving a submission for an inactive workspace, you won’t see the submission via your dashboard’s submissions list but rather by opening and viewing that inactive workspace. Similarly for students, they will not see that feedback from you is awaiting them via their dashboard and will need to open and expressly view the workspace to which you’ve submitted feedback.

Other disabled features of inactive workspaces include joining of said workspace by students as well as teacher’s creation and/or editing of tasks and task deadlines.

And just in case you’d like to reactivate any workspace at any time, choose a workspace from your list of inactive workspaces and then click the ‘Reactivate’ option under the workspace name. Upon reactivating, all workspace features will be restored and submissions belonging to the workspace will again show via your dashboard.