New in Emended: Group-deletion of templates

New in Emended: Group-deletion of templates
  • April 24, 2018
  • by Emended

With how easy it is to save comments for reuse in Emended, we’re introducing just as flexible options to clean them up! Now delete one, many, or an entire collection of saved comments … just like that!

There’s no shame in it – teachers need to tidy up their desks too and every so often revisit what they still use … and then what they don’t. Emended’s templates – your personally-saved comments for anytime, single-click reuse – are no different. And with the option of easily sharing templates with fellow teachers, sometimes all that needs tidying up are templates that maybe even never came in handy at all.

(Don’t worry – your secret’s safe with us!)

The templates that have been accumulating under your Emended account can now be deleted as you need them to be – one at a time, in selectable bunches, or as an entire collection.

So how does it actually work?

Group-deleting templates in custom bunches works by creating “delete me” collections of templates you would like removed. Start by logging in to Emended under your instructor role (if you haven’t already) and follow 4 simple steps:

  1. From your menu bar, click first ‘Templates’ and then ‘Manage collections’, the rightmost option just below the menu bar
  2. Now click leftmost option ‘Create collection’ and in the tile that appears, enter a name (such as Deletables, Wastebasket, or Trash) and optional description (such as Templates to be deleted), then ‘Create’
  3. Individually drag-and-drop the Templates you’d like to delete from the left side of your screen into your new Collection and, once you’re done, click the ic_delete_black_24dp_2x icon in the top-right corner of your collection
  4. Almost there! From the pop-up that appears (shown below), select option ‘Group-delete templates’ and then click ‘Confirm’ to complete the action

2018-03-27 Remove collection or group-delete templates (1)

If you already have a collection of templates that you altogether want removed, deleting is even simpler. Click that collection’s ic_delete_black_24dp_2x icon and in the pop-up that appears, select ‘Group-delete templates’ and then click ‘Confirm’. Done. Just be sure you’ve selected the right collection to delete as the action cannot be undone.

And one more thing:

If you’re part of a team and are as a result reviewing a team collection (that is, shared with you by a team admin), only your team admin can delete templates under said collection. (If you’re a team admin yourself and want to delete templates you shared with a team, you must first stop sharing the collection grouping those templates.)

Too easy. Happy spring cleaning!