New in Emended: Duplication of (shared) templates

New in Emended: Duplication of (shared) templates
  • October 09, 2017
  • by Emended

Emended’s templates – your most frequently used comments saved for anytime, single-click reuse – are your most powerful tool in marking and grading student assignments. Now they can even be duplicated, providing you with new options for when sharing templates with a team, and more.

Sharing templates with a team of teachers is not only about implementing best practices but also increasing efficiency and, ultimately, ensuring students receive consistent feedback across however many classes. Although only the team admin who created and shared these templates has the privileges necessary to modify them, instructor-users during feedback can still personalise comments based on any shared template in order to provide students with individualised guidance.

While the above hasn’t changed, now team admins have an additional option when sharing templates: they can choose whether or not the members of their team are allowed to create personal copies of shared templates.

Want to provide skeleton or open-ended templates to the instructors on your team to customise according to their own individual preferences? Simply allow duplication of shared templates. Need to keep a closer watch on the quality and consistency of feedback given? Well, don’t allow duplication.

And duplication is not only an option for shared templates, it works of course also for any of your own templates. Happy with a template’s structure and would like to use it as a foundation for however many others? Duplicate it and start editing the new copy.

So how does it actually work?

To allow duplication of templates when sharing a collection as a team admin, simply tick ‘Allow duplication of templates’ before clicking ‘Share with team’ (see screenshot below). To change duplication settings for an already shared collection, first stop sharing a collection, make your changes, and then reapply sharing.

2017-10-09 Allow template duplication

Duplicating a shared template as an instructor-user is even easier. Simply click a template shared with you to open the template editor. You won’t be able to edit the original template, but by clicking the ‘Duplicate’ button (see screenshot below) you can create a personal copy of which to tailor to your specific needs.

2017-10-10 Duplicate template

This can be initiated via either the templates manager (click ‘Templates’ from the menu bar) or then the main commenting page. And, as mentioned above, template duplication also applies to your own templates – the only difference then being that the ‘Duplicate’ button is conveniently displayed under the ic_expand_more_black_24dp_2x icon.

For the basics on templates and teachers, read How to create templates in Emended for timely, personal feedback or check out our User guide for Instructors. Need more info on the sharing of templates with a team of instructors? See New in Emended: Sharing templates with your team as well as our User guide for Team admins.