Giving great feedback on student work made easy

Giving great feedback on student work made easy
  • February 06, 2017
  • by Emended

Time constraints often get in the way of giving students feedback that encourages improvement. Emended provides you with the most efficient way to give consistent, high-quality feedback on student work.

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Most teachers agree that feedback is an integral part of language teaching because it offers students the guidance they need to develop their language skills. However, when faced with the pressure of grading dozens of papers feedback often becomes interchangeable with error correction. One drawback of this, and the subsequent use of error correction, is that it can be inconsistent, unclear or overemphasize negative aspects of a student’s writing. By using Emended you can focus on exactly what a student needs to improve.

Emended makes it easy for you to pinpoint mistakes and utilize ready-to-use comments to be as thorough in your feedback as you want to be. Include links, definitions, and thoughts with a single click. You can provide guidance on the content of an assignment as well as the use and general understanding of language rules. If you see common mistakes from your students it’s just as simple to create a new comment, save it and reuse it as needed. Emended allows you to write your comments in any language and likewise, students can submit texts in any language.

But how can you be sure your students actually read your feedback? Emended offers a solution for that, too.

When creating a writing task in Emended, you can specify how many versions of the assignment your students should submit. The idea is that your students will write multiple versions of a text, and each version has to be improved based on the comments they received on the previous version. This way you know whether your feedback is read, and your students will actually improve thanks to your guidance.

Emended is also a great tool for you to collaborate with other teachers and benefit from their best practices. You can easily share your saved comments with colleagues and customize any ready-to-use comments you receive from peers according to your specific preferences. With Emended’s newly released teams (read more on Emended teams here) you even have the opportunity to share sets of ready-to-use comments with all team members, helping you guarantee all feedback given by you and your colleagues is of consistent, high quality. Not to mention the tremendous potential for increasing the efficiency and productivity of your whole team!

If you are interested in optimizing the way you’re giving feedback on student work, Emended is just the tool for you. Sign up for a free 30-day trial now and discover how Emended can help you give your students the feedback they need.