Emended’s smart-access dashboard is now every teacher’s personal assistant

Emended’s smart-access dashboard is now every teacher’s personal assistant
  • May 07, 2017
  • by Emended

Keeping track of student work is now as easy as 1, 2, 3 … 4! Emended’s redesigned Dashboard automatically organises all your students’ assignments into one sleek, easily searchable display, giving you more time to focus on teaching.

Whether you’re a teacher of one course with limited writing assignments or many courses and double the workload, marking and grading student work is never a clear-cut task. Daily responsibilities of tracking deadlines and individual student progress or organising submissions into different folders can only add to your workload and be a real headache … or at least they used to.

How about all your students’ submissions easily accessible from one place online and, depending on the status of each, dynamically organised into four all-catching categories? And further, those submissions now even capable of being filtered in just a couple clicks by workspace (course) and task? Sign up for your 30-day free trial and discover how Emended’s Dashboard smartly manages all of the above, freeing more of your time to focus on your students!

Conveniently located front and centre under Home, your Dashboard automatically organises your students’ assignments into the familiar submission categories of Pending, Received, Reviewed, and Done (see subsection 3.3 of our User Guide for Instructors for more on how these categories work). Below the Dashboard, you’ll see a self-updating submissions list specific to whichever of these categories is selected, and where access to any assignment listed is only a click away.

all workspaces (screenshot)

The new filter options allow for a couple clicks of the mouse to show only the submissions of a specific category within a workspace, and then even only submissions per task! And because your Dashboard’s filter rearranges all your submissions for you, the number shown for each submission category changes accordingly to what setting (in other words, whichever workspace or task) you have the filter set to filter for.

So how does the new filter actually work?

Under the headline Your tasks, all your workspaces are now conveniently displayed in a row of clickable buttons. With a click of any one workspace, the submissions list below shows only the submissions from that workspace and by the category selected. Your row, you’ll notice, now changes to an all-task view from within your selection of a given workspace (see screenshot below). Click from here any one task to get all submissions for that task, again by category, and in one convenient list right below it.

workspaces view (edited)

Clicked the wrong workspace or want to see another task? You can always return to an All workspaces view by simply clicking the x of the highlighted workspace you last clicked; go back a level within the same workspace by clicking instead the x of the last-clicked, highlighted task. And feel free to switch between submission categories within a single workspace or task; the submissions list will simply change with you!

And there’s more. Emended now offers the flexibility of sorting your submissions by either Date or Name of author. Finding a greyed-out submission by Disenrolled participant from your submissions list? That’s because its author is no longer enrolled in the workspace.

Accessing any submitted assignment’s history in detail is still only a click away by finding a submission from the submissions list (however you like it organised) and just clicking its author’s name. Whether you’re reviewing or opening and working on submissions, it’s all at your fingertips from Emended’s new and improved Dashboard.

So, if you were meaning to take some time later and either group what submissions you need to work on or ensure submissions already reviewed are marked for such, don’t worry about it – it’s automatic and already been done for you! Another reason to be excited is that all these improvements have come with a facelift! Log in to your account to see for yourself what we’ve done with the place. New to Emended and don’t have an account yet? Again, sign up for one and look around – the first 30 days are free!